Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Clientside Logfile Parser.


  • 2004-01-16 -- v1.06 etpro 3 support. New Gravedigger award for most gibs (thanks to zappen for the name).
  • 2004-01-16 -- v1.05 now works with spectator logs
  • 2003-09-24 -- v1.04 2 bugfixes. Older released didn't handle "/" char in clan tag correctly when writing statsfile, and this might have caused all kinds of problems.
  • 2003-09-24 -- v1.03 etpro support + fixes, see CHANGELOG
  • 2003-07-05 -- v1.02 (rifle gren bug fixed)
  • 2003-07-01 -- first public release (v1.01). Thanks to Black/Phreaker in Quakenet #Enemy-Territory and Jennifer T. from bug reports and beta-testing.
  • 2003-06-28 -- version 1.0 prereleased.


    Example output:
    Gunslingers vs. GoodFellas
    Gunslingers vs. One
    ET-Teamstat is ran from DOS-box. To make stats-making easier, you can create .bat file like this:

    @echo off
    C:\etstat\teamstat.exe "c:\program files\wet\etmain\etconsole.log" --dir c:\stats

    Then make a shortcut to your desktop, pointing at that .bat.

    Note: When you specify --dir option, the .html-filename is created automaticly, and its formatted like this:
    Use the --help to find out more about program options.


    win32 version

    source code

    Use the source code release to run program under linux / mac.
    Binary/source code is released under BSD Licence.


    Q: Teamstat seems to count less frags than other stats programs?
    A: This is because parsing a logfile is bit tricky. In order to produce as accurate stats as possible, this program does not count warmup frags. If you join game that has already started, teamstat will ignore that round, because it has no way of knowing if that is just warmup.

    Q: I get error "individual frags differ more than 10% from osp stats" or "there are zero frags in this logfile".
    A: Teamstat can only work correctly, when the whole round is included in logfile. Also, it needs the end-of-round (OSP) stats. If logfile starts in middle of the game or is ended before end of round, or players reconnect during the game, or if packetloss has lost some messages, you will have these kinds of errors.
    This also means that if someone reconnects in stopwatch 2nd round, the end-of-round info on 1st round is discarded. This is because 2nd round info contains also the events that happened in 1st round. It's imposible to get 100% accuracy from logfile, but teamstat tries it's best.

    Q: I recorded logfile from demo, but it seems to have too few frags?
    A: If you play your demo with too big timescale value (fast forward), the logfile won't contain all events. Try lower the speed (timescale 2 should be ok).

    Q: How the warmup frag removal works?
    A: It looks the log file for "FIGHT!"-message and end of round stats-info, and only counts frags between those events..

    Important! About bug reporting:
    Q: When I run teamstat, I get some sort of weird error message. Help!
    A: First, upgrade to newest version. You can check your current version by running teamstat.exe --version. If you have the newest version, but the problem won't go away, then please email me the error message AND the etconsole.log that's causing the error. I don't need the .html-file.
    DON'T USE HTML-EMAIL! I use text-only email client.

    Q: It seems that damage per frag is miscalculated?
    A: It's counted from end-of-round stats. Sometimes, due packetloss, reconneting or other reasons, some frag events get lost and end-of-rounds stats show more or less frags than it's shown in logfile.

    Q: I start the program, but nothing happens?!?!?
    A: ET-Teamstat is a console program. Run it from dos-box

    Q: In which language teamstat is programmed?
    A: Python, a totally cool dynamic language.